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Temporis Amoveo
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The story will take place during Harry's seventh year. This RPG started July 29th 2003. Feel free to add it to your friends list, as well as start fan communities in honor of it. We won't mind, honestly.

How This All Works
Headmaster Albus Dumbledore decided it would be good to follow the Sorting Hat’s advice and encourage unity, so he gave them magical artifacts, a gift from a high-ranking wizard interested in the fusion of mundane and magical knowledges by the name of Bilius Doors (he used a different name while dealing with muggles). These devices, being experimental, have various capabilities, including the ability to display the dreaded Blue Screen of Death at the drop of a hat, included anti-hex spells woven into the very artifact itself as well as a dictating charm similar to a quickquotes quill. The main community and your character's personal journal are the places for these journal entries. In here you should write first person accounts of whatever your character wants to talk about. Any character can then reply. You will need to create a personal journal that you use for your character.

Journals are not limited to Hogwarts students. Professors have also been encouraged to take part, and the Headmaster himself will also stop by every now and then. Chosen students from both Durmstrang and Beauxbatons will be participating to help out inter-school relations.

It is currently 1997 in the game, and the week days of our normal year will match up with the days of 1997.

-Posting Habits| Post once a week and comment on posts often. If you go two weeks without posting and without notifying me of any reasons as to why you aren't posting then you will be booted. You will get a warning after the first week. If you are going to be unable to post for longer than a week, make sure to notify the moderator. I do not mind if you have something going on that stops you from participating for a little while. If anyone tries to get by with very little commenting and posting, they will be warned once before being booted.

- Relationships| Student/Teacher relationships are not allowed, but any professor or student can date whomever they like as long as it is believable, i.e. no Harry and Draco snogging unless it is built up gradually.

Slash is allowed. Sexual orientation will be assumed as heterosexual unless otherwise

- General Roleplay| Stay in character in your journal and in the main community. Messenger services and harry_amoveo can be used for out of character chats. This means there will be absolutely no out of character messages in your character's journal or in the harry_temporis community. This includes little (ooc:) messages in comments.

Keep all emoticons to a minimum, and *actions* are not allowed. Do not use small text exclusively. Using it to accent a sentence, word or phrase is acceptable, but posting entire comments or entries in it is not.

All comments and entries must be appropriate and coincide with the character's profile.

Icons must be appropriate.

Make all entries in your journal and in the main community public. Also, no private owls, mock-private entries, private comments, or the like. The characters are using livejournal. If you wish to third person role play a situation, either do so in a friends only post, or keep it in email or AIM.

- Plots| Don't put into effect a major plot idea without passing it by the moderator. Major means a plot that involves many characters, or the entire game. Also, don't use another character without their player's permission.

- Britpick!

- If you are asked to leave, or choose to leave, you agree to leave your character's journal with the RPG so that we can keep on going. If you have read through all these rules, please put 'I agree to the rules of Temporis Amoveo' somewhere in your application. Thank you.

Be sure to read the rules and specifications thoroughly before applying!

What we're looking for|

-Dedicated and active players. If you are in 50 rpg's and are always on the lookout for a new one, T_A is not for you. We want players that will stick around and remain active.

-No more original characters are being accepted. The original characters that were accepted are here so that we can explore the foreign aspect. A strong emphasis will be placed on character interaction and growth, or a lack of growth, depending on the character.

-Characters that are unique and interesting. Even a uniquely uninteresting person is interesting. Don't be boring, your application will be dismissed.

-Characters that fit into the T_Averse and players that know their canon. (Both book and T_A) We've been around for over a year, but catching up is not difficult. A little research goes a long way. The mods will be more than happy to fill anyone in on game history, or a character's history should they ask and our weekly summary can be found on fandomcrack

-If you're in it for the ships, we don't want you here. Relationships are great, but if you're only focused on the ship your character is in and not your character, you are not doing him/her justice. We want to see the person your character is, not just an extension or an attachment of another character. If we were into attachments we'd be looking for vacuum cleaners. We're not because they suck. Really.

To apply, send an email to nights.mistress [at] gmail.com with the following profile filled out for your character. The title of the email should be "Temporis Amoveo".

Personality: Should be very detailed. Every character will have their faults, and their strengths. Please look around at other characters before applying. Create someone unique. If your character feels too much like another character, you might be asked to change them.

History: A long paragraph or two, at the very least. Every character was born somewhere, to someone, and was raised somewhere, by someone. Not saying that is what you should include, but something has happened to everyone that has shaped who they are as a person. The students are young, but they have still been around for fifteen or sixteen years.

Quirks: (optional) Does your character have a nervous tick? Do they enjoy raising ants? Are they art enthusiasts to the extreme?

Likes and dislikes: (optional) List away. Sometimes it is helpful to have a list of things your character does and does not like.

Writing Sample: Write a sample journal entry in character that is at least two paragraphs long. This is to give us a feel for your writing style and your grasp of the character.

*All familiars must be cleared with the mods. If there are minor, nit-picky problems with your application, you might be asked to clarify something, or strengthen a certain subject. Creativity and imagination are important. We all understand that applications are not the best representation of you as a role-player, but they are still a representation. We do not have impossibly high standards. Finally, this rpg is going by the books, so anything that looks like it goes against canon is horrible.

Available Characters

Any character not listed as taken and is mentioned in the books is available for play. This includes characters outside of Hogwarts (Alumni, Order Members, Ministry Officals, Death Eaters, etc..) as long as they can fit into the T_Averse. Tom Riddle does not fit.

Need some names? Check the list on the Lexicon.

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Taken Characters
7th Years: Hermione Granger

Harry Potter

Ron Weasley

Seamus Finnigan

Lavender Brown

Parvati Patil

Michael Corner

Kevin Entwhistle

Aurelie Escalle

Su-Li Lim

Lisa Turpin

Terry Boot

Mandy Brocklehurst

Padma Patil

Aurelia Moon

Pansy Parkinson

Draco Malfoy

Blaise Zabini

Millicent Bulstrode

Daphne Greengrass

Hannah Abbott

Susan Bones

Adalia Frantzberger

Justin Finch-Fletchley

Ernie Macmillan

Zacharias Smith

Wayne Hopkins

6th Years: N/A Luna Lovegood
5th Years: N/A N/A N/A N/A
Headmaster Albus Dumbledore
Professor McGonagall
Professor Flitwick
Professor Snape
Professor Sprout
Professor Lupin
Professor Firenze
Professor Trelawney
Madam Hooch
Madam Pince
Madam Pomfrey

Other Characters

The Daily Prophet

The Quibbler

The Mods:

Natalie   Krista   Caz
AIM: darkling30   AIM: Theory in Fall  AIM: Cazmeralda
nights.mistress [at] gmail.com  ents.abastard [at] gmail.com   flame.child [at] gmail.com

We really want to make this a great Harry Potter Role-Playing Game.