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Important, please read.

Firstly, I'd like to let the first years in Hufflepuff know that if any more of our common room is damaged, I personally will see to it that every last speck of dust and dirt is cleaned up by the entire lot of you. Stop demolishing your own room-- you have to live in it too, just in case you had forgotten.

Lastly, I came across a white rat on my patrol last night. It has pink eyes, and was found near the staircase leading from the fourth floor to the fifth. I haven't the foggiest who it belongs to, but if you're the owner, then please claim it soon. It's lovely, but making me sneeze, and there are far too many cats in my House that would view it as prey.

~Ernie, Hufflepuff Prefect
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Oh, you found Milosz! She is a very nice rattie and I am sorry she makes you sneeze. I will come get her at breakfast.
She's a very docile rat, for being in a Common room full of cats. And quite lovely, too, despite my allergies. How did she go missing?
She really doesn't mind anyone, and likes pockets. And isn't she pretty? She must've fallen out of my sleeve or somesuch.
Heavens! I didn't even notice she was gone. I hadn't seen her in a long time... she hides so quietly!
She has been very hidey lately, and then she got lost, but now she is found and not hidey at all!
Why not simply label the rat as "albino"?
Because it hadn't crossed my mind. Thanks, Malfoy, for pointing it out.
I think the first years have just started living in the library instead.
I do hope not, I was hoping to live there.
I'm sure that there's plenty of room for everyone.
I do hope so. Because I think the entire House will be considering it.
Why would you want to live in the library? It's so...funny-smelling! From the books! and the chairs aren't comfortable at all.
Because it has a roof.
They could live here and I could come back. Like an exchange! You know you want to swap me for them.
I did not think they were this bad last year. Is this a common thing?